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Side Hustles for Millenials: Easy Jobs You Can Juggle with Your 9-5

I’m sure you’ve heard this a few times, whether it be on the news, or playful humor at the office or with friends. But in all seriousness- us millennials are screwed.

How screwed are we?

Let me hit you with the facts. Only ⅓ of millennials own a home. Mind you, the age range in our category is 23-38… 38 years old people!

So statistically, that means 59 million millenials are renters.

In fact, it’s predicted that a third of us will rent for the rest of lives.


With the cost of living on the rise, what are people doing? Getting more education. But what does more education mean? More debt.

Emmie Martin (Associate Money Editor for CNBC news) reported that since 1988, college tuition has risen 213%.

Additionally, she states that if college was the same price it was 20 years ago, half a million millenials would have purchased homes last year.

“The millennial generation has the heaviest student loan debt burden to bear in the history of the United States.”

Forbes Magazine


This is why I chose to write a post about side-hustles. In our generation, it’s extremely important to manage our money wisely and pay off our debts as soon as possible. Your freedom from debt is worth more than any amount of money you can earn.

Currently, I have 4 different sources of income. I used to have 5, but I dropped one recently to focus more on my blog.

In the year of 2018, I made roughly $40,000 just off side-jobs alone.

With that, I was able to pay ⅔ of my student loan off, gift my parents a 2 week vacation, pay off 2 credit cards, get my blog up and running (yes, blogging is not free), donated to typhoon-relief funds, invested in stocks, and lastly, I was able to reward myself with piña coladas on a white-sand beach for a week and a half.

The best part about all of this was that they were all paid GUILT-FREE because the funds didn’t come out of my 9-5 wallet.

Although some of my side-jobs aren’t easy to come up on (they require experience), I made a list of jobs that are easier to snag. I’ll list them in order of difficulty.

This post is geared towards millennials so the list of jobs include: flexibility of schedule, no high-demand of time, easy entry, & (almost) no experience required.

Here’s my list of legit side-hustles:

Test Websites

side jobs

Pay: $10 – $30 per website

Job description: Test websites (visit a website or app & complete a set of easy tasks)

Pros: Quick (20 min tops) & easy!

Visit: [UserTesting]

Watch TV

watch tv

Pay: varies between cash & gift cards

Job description: Literally just watch videos online!

Pros: everything LOL

Visit: [PerkTV]

Walk dogs

walk dog

Pay: $15-30/hr

Job description: walk people’s dogs

Pros: 20-30 min long, choose your own rate, you get exercise in yourself, you get to spend time with cute dogs!

Dog-walking websites:

Sell Photos

Pay: You get 50% of every picture they sell

Job description: Sell your photos to a stock photography/stock photo site

Pros: They will accept photos of almost anything (although they have strict quality requirements). Alamy is non-exclusive so you can sell the same photos to a different company!

Visit: [Alamy]

Join A Research Or Focus Group


Pay: $50-250 per gig

Job description: Similar to online surveys, you get paid for your time, opinions and feedback. Options of online/in-person

Pros: High-paying for minimal time

Focus Groups:

  • [watchLAB]: offer Online, In-Person and In-Home focus groups. They offer a “texting” option to let you know when groups are available.
  • [Ingather Research]: For foodies; Taste-tests open to a large demographic.
  • [Maslansky + Partners]: offers both in-person and online focus groups; pays cash ranging from $75-$250 per session.
  • [Alibaba]: Surveys, interviews and usability studies; payment in checks, coupons and gift cards

Teach English Online


Pay: $16-40/hr

Job description: Teach English to young International students between 4 – 12 years old.

Pros: remote, sessions are only 30-min long

Requirements: Minimum time commitment is 6 hours weekly

English teaching jobs:

Ones that don’t require a Bachelor’s degree:

Ones that require a Bachelor’s:



Pay: $25-44/hour

Job description: Looking for and correcting typographical errors in grammar, style, and spelling in online articles (for bloggers, small business, and large brands, etc).

Pros: remote, deadline-driven

Requirements: listed below

Proofreading jobs:

  • [] doesn’t list any experience requirements, but you will be required to complete a 20-minute proofreading test
  • [Wordy]: does not list any degree or experience minimums on their site, but you are required to pass a 50-minute test
  • [Scribbr] is hiring for freelance editors with many native languages – English included. You will need a bachelor’s degree and the ability to commit to at least 10 hours per week.
  • [Prompt] will allow you to get paid to proofread college admission essays. Pay starts at $20 per hour.

That wraps up my easy side-hustles for us millennials!

Remember that even if a side job pays $15 an hour- that hour a day turns into $105 a week… $450 month… and an extra $5,400 a year.


If you enjoyed this money tip, you’ll love my Budget Friendly Napa post [here].

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